Friends of Cruso


Friends of Cruso offer a joyful experience for all ages. An inclusive and interactive installation where your mind can run free to discover and experiment through the brain teasing mechanical puzzles that form the soul of our automatas.

The installation is formed for 21 spaces consisting of:
· Grand Scale Automatas
· 2 Faces Automatas
· Mechanical Games
· Puppet Automatas
· Brain Teasers about Crusoe’s travel
· Youngsters space for girls and boys alike from the age of 2.







Ràdio 4_RNE: Territori ClandestíFira Mediterrània 2015 (CAT)

Toc de Fusta dans le Festival d’Avignon -TN Migdia – TV3 (CAT)

Technical specifications:
· A space (a square or a street) of about 4000 FT2.
· With acces and parking place for a big van.
· Electricity is not needed.


· Assembling time: 2 hours
· Duration: from 3 to 6 hours
· Dismounting time: 1 hour 30 minutes


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Let’s take back the streets as a place to play